Day Four

Today is Day Four.  And it’s a Sunday, which means that I’ve almost made it through my first dry weekend.  I’ve actually had a wonderful weekend, despite my son being sick.  It’s amazing how much more productive and happy I’ve been with a good night’s sleep and no hangover or lingering guilty feelings.  I love it!

Today is Father’s Day, and shortly we will be headed over to my sister’s house for a cookout.  And it will be an all out booze fest.  But I’m prepared with my iced tea and my prepared speech (“Nope, not drinking today – trying to do something healthy for myself”)  I know if I try to tell my family that I’m done drinking, they will make me feel somewhat guilty about it.  My sister is a big boozer, and she literally pressures people into drinking with her.  But I won’t be pressured.  I’m tired of living life half-assed. 




One thought on “Day Four

  1. Thanks for finding me! Congrats on your choice to get sober!

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