One week ago…

It was one week ago that I broke my 10 day sobriety streak. I know that ten days is nothing in comparison to so many who are taking the 100 day challenge, but they were MY ten days. I fell off when friends came over for a pool party, and I simply said “hell with it” and had three glasses of wine. I felt so disappointed afterwards – was the few hours of soft edges and less stress really worth throwing off my sobriety count?

Well, it WAS worth it. Why? Because had I not caved and learned something from the experience, I would never have been able to get through this evening. Friends came over for my older step daughter’s birthday dinner, and there was plenty of drinking. I so wanted a nice glass of wine poolside, but I remembered how upset I was last Sunday morning, so I held my ground. No alcohol for me! Tonight makes two nights in a row where alcohol was served and I stood firm and remained sober.

I couldn’t be happier tonight. And tomorrow I shall wake up early, feeling great, and will ride 50 miles with a great new group of friends. I wouldn’t dare to do that hung over:-)


One thought on “One week ago…

  1. Have a great ride!! Good for you for “thinking the drink through!” Very happy for you. 🙂

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