Morning is my favorite time of day.  With a fresh and sober perspective, the day holds so much promise.  While everyone is still tucked in their beds, I take my dog for a long walk and listen to the birds and just think.  No fuzzy head, no reliving the events of the night before, no regrets.  A long walk in the morning is such good therapy. I can mentally plan my day, I can pray, I can take in the beauty of the rising sun, or I can just be. 


4 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Sounds lovely…. Have a awesome day!

  2. You ready for your tri? This Sunday or next Sunday? Thinking of you. C

    • Hey there! Yes, this Sunday – last night did a mini tri with my training group and it was just so inspirational to see women from all walks of life and various fitness levels cross the finish line. I feel ready – I won’t podium, not by any means, but I will finish proudly! Thank you for your thoughts:)

      • You’re only competing against yourself, girlfriend. As far as you’ve come, you’ve already won– this is just your victory lap.

        Run, bike and swim like the champ you are!!! Proud of you, and so is Spot. 🙂

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