30 days – treats

Today is 30 days for me – the last time I went this long, I was pregnant. AND – I drank a little wine during my pregancy, so it probably wasn’t much longer than 30 days. Here’s what I did to celebrate this milestone:
I volunteered at a triathlon and saw my good friend place second in the women’s swim leg. SO awesome!

I went to the store and bought myself a new workout outfit and some pretty nail polish. I also bought my son a toy.

I played “Ninja Turtles” with my son when we got home from the store. Fun!

My cousin, mother, and her boyfriend came over for a nice sober dinner.

I caught up on my blog, and am currently cuddling with a freshly bathed four year old.

Life IS good!! I’m not saying that it isn’t hard, but the benefits of sobriety so outweigh the very short term benefits of getting plastered. I can’t believe that I’m actually doing this. Wow.


2 thoughts on “30 days – treats

  1. Good for you and congratulations, as the days pass and you count each and every milestone you will see how much better you life is without the drink.
    Keep going, stay strong.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words! I do feel that each sober day is such a gift – why the heck would I want to throw it away by picking up the bottle again? I just hope I can continue to feel this way…I know what they say about pink clouds and the like.

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