41 days – stomach bug!

Today is 41 days, and I’m celebrating by running to the toilet and pooping my brains out.  YAY!  I guess that it’s to be expected when you have a four year old – every few months I go on this diet.  But the truly amazing thing is that I know it’s the bug and not because I drank my face off last night.  So, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. 

I’m trying to align another goal with my 100 day sobriety challenge – starting today, I’m going to try to NOT yell at my son.  I will continue to discipline, but the yelling just doesn’t work.  In fact, the only person that gets worked up by it is me.  And I’m sure it also annoys my husband.  But so far this evening, I’ve been very patient, and have not raised my voice, despite the fact that I feel like death warmed over. 

On a related note, part of this whole not yelling and not drinking thing is my desire to simply slow down and enjoy the little things in life.  At one point this evening, I was feeling pretty good, so my son and I went outside, in the pouring rain, and splashed in the mud puddles.  Can you believe that he will be five in December, and we had NEVER splashed in the puddles together?  What kind of mom was I??  It was such a fun and beautiful moment, and when he looked up at the sky, as the raindrops fell, and told me to stick out my tongue and catch the rain…well…I know for sure that I would have never done that before I got sober.  I just would not have been bothered to go outside, to leave my beloved wine in order to experience such pure and innocent joy. 

Every sober day truly is a gift.  Even if you are pooping your brains out 😉


4 thoughts on “41 days – stomach bug!

  1. Ergh. Me too this week so you have my sympathies. It actually reminded me of a really horrible hangover, which reminded me why it’s great not to be inflicting that kind of misery on yourself. Take it easy and feel better.

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