Tomorrow is 60 days!

Wow – two months have literally flown by – I guess that’s what happens when you’re getting sober at the same time you are planning a huge event for work, getting the little one ready for school, working out, and all the other mundane things that happen in the course of the day, week, month.  Yes, there have been times that I truly would have enjoyed a glass of wine, but due to the fact that I had several false starts as I attempted to get sober, I just can’t seem to throw away the days that I’ve strung together.  And, who the hell am I kidding?  ONE glass of wine?  Yeah, sure.  Like that would happen. 

Honestly, I’m feeling a bit bulletproof these days, and I don’t necessarily find that to be healthy, but I really do feel like nothing can stand in the way of my sobriety.  Dangerous?  Hell yes.  Normal??  Not sure.  I’ve never gone this long!  All I know is that I feel great.  Better than great.  I’m actually waiting for the pink clouds to dissipate and for real life to come raining down on me, and I hope that I have enough sense to realize that that will be a part of the process, and that I can handle it when it does happen.  Until then, I will continue to bask in the glow of a new and healthy way of life.  It’s good! 


11 thoughts on “Tomorrow is 60 days!

  1. Rock it out! I have 5 days behind me and can’t wait till I can write a blog with the same title!

  2. Congratulations. yes, life can come raining down, but you now have the experience of what sobriety can bring. When things get tough, remember that this too shall pass, the good and the bad. The great thing about putting together more and more 24 hours of sobriety is experiencing the highs and lows, but from a sober perspective. I recollect once very early on, having a very stressful situation arise in sobriety, and the thought crossed my mind “but damn, I am going to get through this thing sober and learn something in the process!” Best wishes.

  3. I say don’t question the pink clouds or anticipate their demise. Cling on tight and enjoy them for all they’re worth! They do tend to come and go a bit, so reveling in them while they’re hanging around helps a lot when you hit a speed bump.

    WELL DONE on 60 days. That is huge. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you. You’re doing great. Just keep going.


  4. Congratulations on 60 days! I have 30 tomorrow and have been feeling sorta pink cloud-ish myself. It is so helpful to know that others are going through similar things within their sobriety, so thank you! Best wishes, Jen

    • Jen – happy almost 30 days to you! I agree, it does help so much to know that we are not alone in all of this. These blogs and Belle’s emails have truly been my lifeline. I still feel like I need to pinch myself at times – 2 months sober!? Seriously? At this time last year, there is no way I could imagine going 2 months without alcohol. Now, I don’t even want it. Sweets, however, are another thing altogether!

      Hugs to you!

  5. Happy 60 and happy 63 today!!!!

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