Day 3 – Happy 2014!

Well, I drank a little over the holidays.  No more than two glasses of wine on any given day, but I still drank.  And while I didn’t get drunk, and I didn’t get ridiculous, I still drank.  I don’t want to dwell on it, I really want to just move on.   I’m just happy that I was able to moderate on those occasions – maybe my successful 100 day challenge taught me that I don’t NEED alcohol to have a good time.  I’m not convinced that I could moderate like that all the time, though, so I’m back on the 100 day challenge, as of January 1st. 

Belle said that I need to treat myself every now and then, so this evening I had pizza and chocolate chip cookies – not necessarily good for my fitness/diet regimen, but oh well.   Can’t deprive myself of EVERYTHING 🙂

Whenever I focus on my fitness, I seem less inclined to want to drink, so I’m excited to say that, while I won’t be doing any triathlons this year (can’t get over my hatred of open water swimming), I’m going to kick off the season with a 4 mile “Shamrock Run” in March, and I am doing a century (100 miles on my bike) in June, and perhaps even another at the end of June, just haven’t decided yet.  Then I want to focus on running as many sub-30 5ks as possible, and of course, I want to continue to put miles on my road bike this summer.  I will also continue to focus on strength training, as it’s my first love when it comes to fitness.  Last night, for the first time ever, I tried yoga, and I really liked it!  I’m going to put myself first and really focus on health and fitness, and kick the alcohol and sugar addictions to the curb for 2014. 

I love new beginnings, and that is what this year is.  Wouldn’t it be sooo cool to make 2014 the year of NO ALCOHOL??   I think it would!  I even posted it on Facebook to make me more accountable to others.  As some of you have said before, sober is the new black.  I’ll raise my glass (of iced tea) to that!!