Day Three…again

Happy Saturday night!  I’m back, and this time, I’m serious.  I’ve stopped and started so many times that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to string a significant number of sober days together, but this time, I think it’s different.  My husband sees how fucked up my relationship with wine is, and he, who is a daily drinker, has decided to jump on the wagon with me.  This is our third evening without alcohol, and last night we hosted a party (already planned) and stayed sober together, despite the fact that we were serving wine and beer.  I am truly moved that my husband would do this for me.  Since we’ve been together (12 years), I’ve only experienced him not drinking maybe two or three days (when he’s been really sick).  I do think that my several attempts at sobriety, as well as my 100+ day stint on Belle’s challenge, has opened his eyes a bit, and he has seen how much better I am when I’m sober.  Maybe he thinks he can find the same love for waking up sober as I have?

I’m happy to see that it will be above zero degrees tomorrow (heat wave of aboug 35 degrees forecasted for tomorrow morning!) so that I can go for a run:)  HAPPY SOBER SATURDAY!  xo


17 thoughts on “Day Three…again

  1. Great to hear from you – sounds like you are on a good road – I recollect that having your husband’s support was a bit problematic in the past. Great to see that you are partnering on the effort now.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi! I have a terrible relationship with wine too and all alcohol! I’m on day 2 here and hoping it sticks! I am so tired of drinking and the foggy feeling of regret I have in the morning! I want to live each day with intention. After several attempts at Belles challenge I had given up. But now I’m doing this for me and I feel different! We can do this each day is a new day and a new challenge but we can learn better ways to deal with the stresses! Stay strong and enjoy life!

  3. Jessie!!! So excited to see you here. I’m back on the wagon, too. I did 130+ days last year. Then I had a crap week at work and reintroduced myself to wine. After that, I couldn’t manage to string together a more than a week or two of sobriety.

    Right before Christmas I said “enough” and got it in my head to get 30 days under my belt. Today is Day 27. Almost there.

    It’s my intention to spend the entire year sober …. I’m thinking of this effort as my own little Mt. Everest. And the sober blogs are like little bottles of oxygen I take out as I continue making steady uphill progress.

    So glad you’re back. So glad I’m back.

    Hope the run was good!

    • Good for you! I’m glad you’re back on track. My intention was to make this a sober year, as well, but I drank up till 1/14, so it will have to be an *almost* sober year for me. Let’s do this together!

      Today is 29 days for you, correct? That is AWESOME

  4. OMG!! Its so good to se you. 🙂

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Don’t give up!!

  6. Congrats! Today is my day 3. No alcohol or cigs. Hoping this time it sticks! Love to keep up with you and support each other. Let’s so this!

  7. Hi! Glad you’;re back! You’re the one I most connect to, cause you’ve found it so hard. I mean that most sincerely. I struggle cause my husband continues to drink heavily and I don’t know if I can stop altogether unless he addresses his drinking too. I’ve gone weeks/months repeatedly but always go back. Always alcohol in the house but the biggest problem I realise, is our relationship has always revolved around alcohol. You are so, so lucky that your husband is totally on board. Good luck to you both!x

    • Hey there, thank you for your comment! I’m glad to be back as well. I feel so fortunate that my husband is on board, and he’s really struggling, but insists he wants to do this. It’s so hard to wrap my head around being done with wine FOREVER, but you know, it feels SO good to be sober, and so SHITTY to be hung over and guilt ridden, that I don’t really understand why I worry about forever. Let’s both just worry about today, and maybe that will get us through it all.

  8. My husband is a daily drinker as well and we are both going sober together too. Today is day one. No wine for me despite it being “housewives night” on Bravo (a guilty pleasure show I normally enjoy with wine and sans kids). No rum and coke or beer for the hubs. Eek.

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