I’m here – day two.  Last night was difficult, as we were invited to dinner at my mother’s house, as my uncle was in town from Virginia.  I was the ONLY person not drinking (aside from my 6 year old son).  My mother’s side of the family is basically a bunch of functioning alcoholics, and that is basically what they do for fun – drink!  I felt pretty out of place, and at one point thought, fuck it, maybe I’ll just start over again tomorrow.  But I know that line of thinking is dangerous and that if I didn’t take a stand then, I never would.  So, I drank my Zen iced tea (which I brought with me) – enough to kill a horse, and I stayed sober.  Two and a half hours later, I was safely home and away from that mess.

Day two.  Bring it on.


15 thoughts on “Here.

  1. Ahhh, the old drunken family scenario. I feel your pain!

  2. congratulations on making it through!

  3. Good for you for getting through it!!! xo

  4. You won! Really, you won in this scenario. Feel great the next day, no hangover, onward! 🙂

    • Thank you, DDG:). One small hurdle down ….countless more to go. But it did feel good going home sober and having my shit together so that I could play a quick game of bingo with my 6 year old son and hubby, and then do the bed time routine sober.

  5. I haven’t ever commented on a blog before, but I just had to on yours. I am you! Even the vomit phobia! It’s so stressful for me when anyone is sick, and a constant worry especially in the winter!! Ugh! I drank again this past weekend for a number of stupid reasons, so today is day one again for me. Heres hoping we can make it stick this time. I’ll be cheering you on as I’m right behind you in days sober! We can do this!!

    • Nicole, thanks for your comment. Let’s stick together and do this one day at a time. Being sober feels so much better than being hung over!

      • It truly does feel better. I just wish my brain could remember that fact! Reading blogs like yours does help to remind myself that drinking isn’t worth it! Thank you for your honesty.

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