Sick but sober

I’m suffering through some type of chest cold/laryngitis and my poor son just got over the dreaded stomach bug.  So, needless to say, nobody in our house slept at all Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  He was sick all night long, and I thank God every day for my husband, who dutifully does clean up duty because I just don’t have the stomach for it.  Yesterday, my mother watched my son because I had to work, and I felt completely hung over due to lack of sleep.  But damn, I was SO happy that it was only exhaustion and not filthy wine that had me in such a state yesterday.  I can say to myself that I did my very best to take care of my son, I was sober, and we survived.


4 thoughts on “Sick but sober

  1. Hope you and your family feel better soon. And hooray for being sick NOT being a hangover! xo

  2. Jesse! Am so sorry for the sickness but SO GLAD FOR YOU that you weren’t suffering from a wine hungover, too. Be well!

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