I did it!

I went to the party and stayed sober. Had a wonderful time sledding with the kids and the adults while watching fireworks over the frozen lake. I had wonderful, meaningful conversations that I will remember tomorrow and I was present. Even when a little uncomfortable because I’m outside of the hockey mom clique (our son does karate), I was me. I was awkward, genuine me. And I’m so fucking proud of that!

And the best part – my son had so much fun.


7 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. I am proud of you too! Congratulations!!

  2. I also did some wonderful sober socialising last night. Look at us!

  3. Hooray you! I’m glad you stayed sober and had fun! That’s a great combination. xo

  4. sober=present, connected, mindful, thankful…the word “sober” doesn’t at all describe what we are when we choose not to drink. Awesome!

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