The little things

Made a healthy dinner tonight for hubby and I
Small talk, how was your day, what happened at work
My son: “Mommy, March is special for 2 reasons: Mommy and Son day at school and your birthday”
Reading bedtime stories
Snuggles with the dogs
Clean face, teeth brushed and flossed
Climbing into bed and remembering it
Reading sober blogs

All because I’m not drinking tonight.


6 thoughts on “The little things

  1. This is lovely. Thanks for reminding me that sobriety is about the simple pleasures. xx

  2. Congrats. Sounds like something worth printing out and sticking on the bathroom mirror for when that “life sucks, I might as well drink” feeling comes around.

    Thanks very much for sharing this wisdom.

  3. A lovely day indeed. Good on you for seeing how great those little things are! xo

  4. good on you…just found your blog and like to follow your story. me at the start, third day sober.

    sleep well.

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