Sunday morning solitude

Two weeks ago, I woke up so upset that I ruined Valentines Day by drinking and ignoring my family.  I had such a nice, sober evening planned but I threw it away in favor of the empty escape that wine provides.   This morning, I feel so thankful that I’m up early, sober and fresh and ready to enjoy this day.

Last night, we went to my in laws house for pizza and cake to celebrate my husband’s nephew’s birthday.   He just turned 19 and has already had a past riddled with alcohol and drug abuse, jail, rehab, and the like.   He is a great kid and his father (my brother in law) is has been in recovery for years and now works with people who have addiction issues as a residential counselor.   Nephew just got out of a sober living house (90 days) and is going to drug court.   Hopefully by doing these things, he can avoid going to prison for 2 years for making some very bad decisions.   And then my sister in law told us that the reason her husband wasn’t at the party is that he was “under the weather” due to a very bad drinking binge.   And by bad binge I’m talking he was out of town for business, sat down at the airport bar and missed his flight, so proceeded to stay at the bar all night and into the next day before catching a different flight home.   She was very upset and kept wondering WHY someone would do that if it only causes misery and grief afterwards.  So. I decided to come out just a little.  I know it’s early for me, I only have two weeks currently under my belt, but I have over row years of trying.   I told her that I can understand not being able to stop drinking once started, and that some of us have a faulty off switch.  I told her that I have that very real struggle with wine and so that I’m taking a break from it now.   She really did seem baffled that anyone would want to drink to the point of illness, and I guess, to a normie, it is baffling.   Between knowing what my husband’s nephew is going through and what my sister in law’s husband is going through, I feel even more strongly that this path is the one for me.  Strong and sober.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


7 thoughts on “Sunday morning solitude

  1. Good Morning~ I kind if had the same convo w/ some girlfriends yesterday….. It helps to try & explain to not its how it is for us BC the really don’t understand! Ughhh I cringe when I hear of others slips after being sober for a while but it reminds me it could happen to me too… Glad to see your posting daily and hearing how you are progressing! Hugs~

  2. Congratulations on having another beautiful day and thank you for sharing.

  3. Being open about your struggles is very brave. And it provides you with support when you might need it.
    Enjoy your day. Sober is better.

  4. Well done for sharing. I am sure it helped. I really feel for your sister-in-law. Too often we forget the confusion families go through. I remember when I was a child wondering why my dad didn’t just stop drinking if it made him feel so bad. Now that I understand, it makes it easier to forgive him.

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