The concert

In a few weeks, a large group of us (13 in all) are going to see Billy Joel in concert.   We made the decision months ago and the conversation was that we would rent a limo as well so we could drink and wouldn’t have to worry about driving.  What fun it would be to wander around like a bunch of drunken idiots, not remembering a thing about the show.   After all I have a history of being too drunk to remember several of the concerts I’ve been to – Aerosmith and Garth Brooks being two of the most prominent.  So anyhow, after finding out that the limo would cost us more than the concert tickets, I decided that we would rent a 12 passenger van and that I would be our cheerful, sober driver.

Of course, I already told my friends that I’d be accepting, and expecting, tips;)

I’m going to have an amazing time!


One thought on “The concert

  1. Sober concerts can be fun~ did one right after I quit drinking- I too was part of a bug crowd & only one not drinking- treat yourself to something after- it’s after big events like that I get in a funk- my sponsor told me that and i have noticed that! Enjoy- I ❤️ BJ!

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