I met my friend k out for shopping and dinner this evening to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  What I love about k us that she isn’t a drinker, and she is a fitness freak.   She is a triathlete but more impressive – a distance swimmer.  Last year, she did a 3 mile open water swim and is currently training for a 6 mile open water swim!   She is older than me; her son is in college, and really only started doing this stuff about 5 years ago when he was older.  She knows that I struggle with finding the time for running/cycling/lifting, and she knows how down on myself I get when I realize that I can’t do know what I could five years ago.  She never fails to lift me up, put things into perspective, and support me.

I’ve been pretty candid with her about my struggles with alcohol, and she may be the only friend I have that truly supports me.  We had so much fun shopping – we even had a little photo shoot in the dressing room.  image

And then, chicken lettuce cups and iced green tea at PF Chang’s.   It was nice to gave an evening with someone I truly connect with, and to not even have to worry about the booze situation.

Did I mention how much fun we had?  Sober!


10 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Congratulations! Keep those memories of sober fun when the going gets tough too!

    • Thank you – I know I’m totally immersed in pink cloud-dom, and I will take it! But I also know that in order to be successful, I need to learn how to deal with life on life’s terms, no matter the situation. Hopefully, this time, it will stick.

  2. Love how happy you sound.
    And that photo, squee!
    You’re doing great hon.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day. It’s heartening to hear how great you sound! xo

  4. super sober fun, what??? It exists/? lol.. your amazing.. just needed you to know that..

  5. Just remember it never helps to socialize with the people who make drinking buddies their entire social circles. The best people for me are the ones who have been sober for 20 or more years but still knew what I was going through. AA is a wonderful place to meet people who never want to do anything that involves being in the same place as drinks.3 I Avoid places like bars… Don’t go to the barber if you don’t want a haircut or your going to get one anyway. Congrats on your wonderful supportive friend and day of fun. I wish you luck on the beautiful journey of soberness! – a sober alcoholic

    • I agree with what you’re saying and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. My only issue is that my entire family (mother, sister, cousin, aunt, child’s godparents) drink heavily. I can’t avoid them, so I have to learn to cope with their drinking. Its actually so rewarding to stay sober and feel amazing the next day – I truly feel sorry for them when they wake up feeling miserable and defeated. Not my circus, though;)

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