this is happiness


OK, just one more post.   My sweet American bulldogs, Junebug and Jada, snuggled by the fire.


6 thoughts on “this is happiness

  1. I have an american bulldog too! – They are SOOOO beautiful aren’t they? Mine is a rescue so he is only part bulldog, although he looks like th eone on the left with his black ears and spots – he is adorable!!!

    • Yes they are wonderful dogs! Long story, but I’m going to tell it;). Back in 2013, wh had to euthanize our sweet AB, Maggie. She had just turned 8 and had lymphoma. We actually went through the whole chemotherapy routine and everything. She was my baby before I had my son, so especially close to me. A couple of months after we lost her, we rescued Jada (on the right) – she is an AB mix. She is a very sweet girl and helped to fill the home that Maggie left. In the beginning of 2014, we found out that Maggie’s dad was having his last breeding. Of course we HAD to have one of Maggie’s siblings! And in July of last year, Junebug joined our clan. She is almost a carbon copy of her sister (the dog in my profile pic is Maggie) and acts just like her. And as you can see, Jada and Junebug just adore each other. They are together constantly.

      So yeah, I kind of have a “thing” for American bulldogs:)

  2. Crazy question but do you have a Lennar home? I ask because your fireplace and carpet look EXACTLY like mine.

    I have a very special place for our rescues as well (my “thing” is for beagles) and they are going on 9 and 10. One became diabetic last year and gets regular insulin shots.

    I’m trying to “prepare” myself but I don’t think you’re ever really ready for them to go.

    Awesome pic.


    • I don’t have a Lennar home. I’m sorry to hear about your diabetic pup – my neighbor gives his pup insulin as well. And no, we are never ready for our furbabies to part with us. Its one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to go through. Hugs to you AND your beagles:)

  3. Life would be empty without our fur babies! Beautiful dogs! We have a German Shepherd named Duke. They become part of your family:)

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