So much to be grateful for…

This is my birthday weekend (tomorrow I’m turning 39), and I had so many wonderful things happen this weekend…and I’m so grateful to have been sober to enjoy all of them.

  • Mother and Son Day of Fun with my son at his school yesterday.  Basketball, Mom v. Son Dodgeball, Lego Bingo, and crafts.  He said to me “Mom, I had such a nice day today.”  Not something my 6-going-on-16-year-old usually admits.
  • Received a beautiful birthday card from my dad and stepmother.  Had a nice phone conversation with my dad to thank him.
  • Dinner at my best friend’s house last night with my hubby, my son, and her family.  She made me a special dinner, homemade birthday cake, iced tea, and gave me a beautiful bracelet to commemorate our friendship.  She and my hubby each had a few beers, but I was totally OK with not drinking.
  • Early Mass this morning, to honor my friend’s son who was stillborn 17 years ago.  I served communion and was present to support her at this difficult time.
  • Got a 3 mile run in outside today:)
  • My hubby’s daughter and grandson spent the day with us today, and his other daughter and her girlfriend came over later, and we all had a nice dinner together.
  • My sweet cousin (and our son’s godmother) came over to visit, as her birthday was last week and we usually celebrate together.  I had a bottle of chardonnay from three weeks ago, unopened, in my fridge.  I offered to pour her a glass of wine, and she split the bottle with my husband.  I was SO happy to not have been tempted AT ALL.

It was a very full weekend, but very fulfilling.  How would I have done it all, with grace, if I was hung over?

Sober – so much better.


6 thoughts on “So much to be grateful for…

  1. We have even more in common!!! 1 day apart in our sobriety as well as birthdays being close together. Mine was Friday! Wishing you a happy birthday! To a fabulous year full of happiness!

  2. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend. Happy birthday!

  3. How wonderful!! Happy birthday!! 🎉🎉🎉

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