30 Days

30 days today!  I’m feeling so strong in my sobriety this time.   I know it won’t always feel this way, but as I said before, a wave of acceptance has washed over me and I’m feeling so content.  I know that 30 days is only the beginning.  I know that I shouldnt be over exuberant to the point that I’m not humble.  I realize that I’ve been here before and I’ve failed.   And I know that my time of year is coming – when spring first blooms and we have our first really nice, warm day, that I will want that cold glass of chardonnay in the back yard.  But I will try to remember to play the tape to the end, because it never turns out that its just one glass, and the fifth glass of wine is sloppy.  Its never as enchanting as that first sip.  And since I can’t have just one, I really cannot have any at all.

And so, on day 30, its fitting that my son brought this picture home in his folder (please read the caption).



12 thoughts on “30 Days

  1. Impressive! What kind of school does that boy go to in mixing the Stations of the Cross with Recovery?! Pretty cool, I think.

    • Thanks, I think so too! Its an amazing little Catholic school that my husband went to as a child and unfortunately its threatening to close due to low enrollment. Its just such a tough expense for so many to swallow when public school is free. I’ve decided to jump in with both feet and join the school commission to try to put my sales and marketing background to good use to help better promote the school.

  2. That’s sooooo timely! Happy 30 days!

  3. Nice sign!
    Find a new summer drink. Something fizzy and refreshing and new.

  4. Congratulations on 30 days!! I love the timing of the picture from your son.

  5. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is! The power of awesomeness!!!! 30 days is huge and you inspire me each day I get to read a post you make on your blog. Enjoy your day friend:)

  6. Or maybe everything is everything.. This is so wonderful Jess..

  7. Happy 30 Jessie. 🙂

  8. congratulations, I am on day 9 and while I feel like a big glass of white wine, I am going to walk the dog and take a bath, home alone and tempted but will not give in, need to do this 100 day challenge! My wine consumption was getting up to a bottle of wine a night and I felt like crap all the time

    • Congrats on day 9! Enjoy your bath and tuck into bed early – you’ll be so happy tomorrow. Let’s do this together!

      • Thanks Jessie! I made it! Don’t you find it interesting that we drink to quell the anxiety but it actually causes so much more anxiety? Your blog is great, thanks for being so honest!

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