Concert Tonight!

Tonight, I’m the designated driver of a 12 passenger van full of friends and family who are all going to see Billy Joel in concert!  I’m excited and nervous.  Excited because, well, it’s Billy Joel!  Nervous not because I want to drink (I really don’t have the urge at all), but because I’m afraid I’m going to be bitter and ugly when everyone else gets shitty.  I am trying hard to get into the right head space so that I have fun without being bitchy.  Because honestly, sometimes being the ONLY sober person is tough.  It is REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING being around a bunch of drunk people when you’re straight – that’s part of the reason my bartending career never got off the ground;)  But I’m going to be with a group of my favorite people, and I have to remember that I cannot control their behavior (and why would I want to anyways?), I can only control my own.  And I can choose to be Fun Jess, not Bitter Jess.  And the cool thing – I will remember the ENTIRE concert.  Can’t tell you the last time that happened.

Happy Sober Friday, my fellow sober warriors!!


8 thoughts on “Concert Tonight!

  1. I hope you have a great time. If you feel the bitterness rise remind yourself you are choosing to be sober because it is better for you heart, should and body.


  2. You will have a great time and your friends need to take you out to dinner to thank you for being the DD. There are so many concerts where I regret drinking too much as well and not remembering all of it. This will be a great memory.

  3. Enjoy the concert. I love Billy Joel!

  4. Music has a way of lifting you to another place without the help of any other substance. You’re gonna love it.

  5. Billy Joel!!!!! Woot!

    Yep – drinking people are fucking annoying but just remember when you go home you get to fall into your bed (after washing your face and brushing your teeth) and sleep the sleep of sober people.

    And, most importantly, WAKE UP WITHOUT A HANGOVER!

    And despite what Billy says – Only the drunk die young.


  6. Have an awesome night!!!!!!! You are going to get so much out of tonight being sober! And you’re right, you will remember everything! He’s a great musician to want to remember! I’m sending good vibes that nobody gets too drunk and annoying. But it’s another reason to remember that you will never be the annoying one again. Win, win! Enjoy your evening!

  7. Have fun, Jesse! I really hope it’s a great night!!! xo

  8. I know it’s early but just wondering how the concert was? I love Billy Joel!

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