Sunday Funday

So, four years ago, Sunday Funday was my hubby, my two year old son, and I heading over to my sister’s house, and us all getting shit-bombed while my son toddled around or watched tv.  I can remember more than one time where I passed out on her couch mid-afternoon and left someone – anyone! – to take care of A.  I’m so beyond disgusted with the person I was back then.  SO self absorbed, so absent from my marriage and from motherhood, and living for a fantasy world where I was so important, so beautiful, so loved….and the only thing that made me feel better was the alcohol.

Fast forward four years, and woke up to A crying out at 5am that his “nostrils are hot and dry.”  lol – kindergarteners say the funniest things!  I got him a drink of water and brought him in bed with hubby and I.  We all fell asleep, only to have American Bulldog #1 wake me by panting in my face – she was hungry!  I always get up first, but hubby jumped right up and fed the pups, leaving me to sleep in a bit (6:30am is sleeping in these days).  I lounged in bed with A, and we snuggled before making our way downstairs at 7.   I loved the slow pace to the morning, making a leisurely breakfast and puttering around the house straightening up.  Went for a 5 mile run and then home to shower and get ready for A’s play date with his buddy.  The boys played in the bounce house while the other mom and I chatted.  I haven’t known her for long, but I like her, and I think I may have made a new friend:)  We had smoothies afterwards (yeah, avocado kale green smoothie was DELISH), then jetted home to drop A off to hubby.  Ran back out for a quick pedicure with a friend (which I never do – that poor pedicurist definitely earned his pay today!) and then home to my family.  We have had a nice, low key evening, though now A is begging me to wrestle with him….this should be fun!

Tale of two Sundays – I’m so grateful that THIS is my Sunday Funday.

PS – Debuting the new haircut at work tomorrow.  Literally cut over 12 inches off!  Think Jennifer Aniston length to Halle Berry length.  NERVOUS!!


13 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Everything about your day was awesome! You’re going to make a statement to,or row and you’re going to do it well! Knock their socks off with your new do!

    • Thanks, chicka! Still dealing w/ a ton of sinus congestion, but I’m SO ready for a fitness challenge – when should we start?? And what will we do?
      Hope you’re well! xo

      • Hope you’re feeling better! So I struggle with eating candy, especially at night. Anything you eat that you want to give up? I was thinking that we could give up something like that while we and anyone else who wants to do the challenge. What about another booty challenge? I found one with a few exercises to mix it up a bit. Or an ab challenge. Check out the links and let me know what you think!

      • Hey girl, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA – it has been such a crazy week both at work and at home – but I LOVE the idea of cutting out sweets for a while. AND – I actually downloaded an app through Runtastic called six pack abs and another one called butt trainer (I think that’s what it’s called) – it’s similar to this challenge, but you follow along with the trainer to do your workout. If you’re interested, the apps are free, and I can get you more info, and we can do those exercises each day. Let me know what you think – I’m heading to a beach wedding in florida in less than two weeks, so I’m ALL over this stuff trying to get a little more lean:) I hope you’re well, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Love ur new Sunday Funday~ gosh I don’t miss the old ones! I ❤️ the sounds of ur new do- I love short hair cuts!

    • Thank you:) And yeah, I SO don’t miss the old Sunday Fundays. I cringe at the time I wasted….the moments I could have been experiencing with my son…the hurtful things I did….thankfully, we never have to have those days again, right?

  3. So glad you found joy in a sober Sunday. Do we get a before and after hair shot?

  4. So good to hear this description of a fun Sunday… right when I needed to be reminded that sober is better. Thank you!

  5. The first Sunday Funday reminded me of some of my own Saturdays (not Sundays.) However, the description of the second Sunday made me feel peaceful instead of restless.

    • At first, sober days made me feel restless, but thankfully, now, after trying for a few years, on and off, I do find peace in sobriety. It’s such a lovely feeling!

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