Last night…

…I received a phone call from my sister around 10pm.  It isn’t like her to call me, as we are not really all that close.  But she called me as I was getting in to bed, because yes, now that I don’t drink, 10pm on a Friday night is a perfectly acceptable bed time.  Anyhow, I answered the phone and she was extremely drunk and sobbing.  She was at the bar right down the road from me (as was my mother, her boyfriend, my cousin and her husband), and had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend.  She said she “needed’ me.  So I asked her if she wanted me to come and pick her up and take her home – she said yes.  I got dressed, ran out and picked her up, drove her home, and just listened to her as she cried and made absolutely no sense at all.  I walked her into her house, made sure she was ok, and came back home.  Told my husband when I got home that I felt grateful that I was there and able to take care of her, but also that I was able to see her like that, as it only reinforced my decision to stay sober.  I don’t ever want to do that hysterical, crying drunk girl thing.  I’ve done it way too many times in the past, and I have no interest in living that way anymore.

Tomorrow will be day 50 for me.


8 thoughts on “Last night…

  1. You payed it forward, and you could do that because you were sober. Way to go! Congratulations on Day 50! I love days that end with a zero, get a nice sober treat. I like purses and shoes! 🙂

  2. Congrats on 50! How awesome it must have felt to be there for your sister. I’ve been in your sisters place so many times….upset & crying. Waking up the next morning wondering what I was upset and crying over because of my smeared mascara and swollen eyes. Nonetheless, you were there for her and that’s cool. Many times I had wished I had a sister to call.

    • Thanks for your sweet and supportive words! I’ve been there too, way too many times to count. I now see the absurdity of the drunken crying mess that I used to be, and I so feel for my sister because she is just stuck in that terrible cycle.

  3. You are a good sister.

  4. I have been sober for four years. I never ostracized myself from drinkers, heck, I wouldn’t have any friends left. Many times others who are sober, or even my drunk friends, ask me, “Isn’t it hard to be around drinkers? Doesn’t it make you want to drink?” Uhh…no. Just like you found last night, their behavior just reinforces that I have made the correct choice for me. I respect myself too much now, to go back there. Congrats on 50 days, last night you got a precious gift.

    • I am with you – I’m really the only one of my “group” that doesn’t drink, and so I find that I mentally prepare myself to be with my people when they are drinking, and honestly, I’m finding it more helpful to do that and stay sober than to hide from it. Now, that doesn’t mean its the strategy for everyone trying to wuut, but I’m afraid that if I his from it, when the time came that I’d be confronted with socializing where alcohol is involved, it would end up being a big shit show for me. I’m glad I was able to help her last night.

  5. Only two words to say: Bloody Marvellous!!!!!!

  6. How good is it to not be that person? The sense of relief and gratitude is overwhelming.

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