Losing track of my sober days

Well, I’ve lost track of my sober days, so to do some quick math – I had 14 days sober in February, 31 day sober in March, and today is the 17th of April, so my total sober days are…62.  And still, I’m not very tempted.  Last night, my mother came over, and it was one of those beautiful April evenings where we still aren’t used to 70 degree weather yet, and as we were sitting on the patio while my son gathered sticks and brush for a campfire, she asked for a glass of wine, and her and my husband enjoyed their chardonnay while I sipped on an iced tea.  I even poured the wine for her, gave it a deep smell, and thought “wow, wouldn’t just one glass be nice?”  But then I fast forwarded to one glass turning into four glasses turning into terrible sleep, regretful behavior, and yet again another failed 100 day challenge.  And so I passed on the glass of wine, and enjoyed myself nonetheless.

I have two big travel events coming up soon that I know I’ll have to have a sober contingency plan in place for.  Next Thursday, I’m flying solo to Florida for my cousin’s wedding.  My husband and son were going to come, but unfortunately airfare was so unreasonable to fly down for a long weekend that we couldn’t really justify spending almost $1500 on airfare alone.  And it’s also my son’s big karate showcase and he’s been practicing for months on his routine.  I’m very bummed that I’m going to be missing it, and already feel like a bad mommy because of it.  That being said, my son is such a momma’s boy that I think a weekend with dad is going to be very good for both of them.

Then, I come home for a week only to fly back out to Las Vegas for a week for work.  Thankfully, as my husband is also a customer, he will be going with me.  Granted, I’ll be working all the time I’m out there, but I know we will be able to slip away for a little couple time too.  The big problem with Vegas is that…well…it’s Vegas.  And my co-workers and customers are all big drinkers, for the most part.  Already the big talk is of getting hammered on behalf of the company expense account.  I suppose that Las Vegas will truly be my coming out party, so to speak.

I have no plans whatsoever to drink – my biggest plan is to actually run the strip one morning, and I’m really excited about that.  In fact, the day before we leave for Las Vegas, I’m doing the “Mountain Goat” run, which is a 10 mile run that includes the two highest points in Syracuse.  It’s definitely challenging, as I just ran the course this week.  It will be my biggest accomplishment, as the course is much more difficult than the half marathon I completed in the fall.  And I’m so excited that my son is going to do the fun run before the race.  He has truly become my little “mini-me” when it comes to running, cycling, and working out.  Thankfully I can model a healthy lifestyle as opposed to the one I had been living before.

Taking the day off today to do some stuff for myself – shopping for clothing for my trip, exercising, reading.  These are the true treats of sobriety.


4 thoughts on “Losing track of my sober days

  1. Sounds like you are doing great!

  2. This sounds like an excellent plan. You’re going to be fine on both of your trips. Little tip…in the early days on business trips, it always helped me to wait and “decide” whether or not I wanted a glass of wine until others are about 3 glasses in…then I NEVER wanted any. Drunk people are stupid people.

    And I think I need a day like you’re having today. Must schedule that.


  3. haha – I agree! Drunk people are annoying. What a GREAT suggestion though….it helps to reset our focus doesn’t it?

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