I left snowy upstate NY yesterday for the gulf coast of Florida for my cousin’s wedding.   Due to expense, my son and husband stayed behind.  As complete coincidence would have it, I met up with my best friend from high school, who I haven’t seen since college.   She relocated from Arizona to Florida last year, and we were able to meet up and do some window shopping and have dinner yesterday.   It was such a wonderful time!  She knows I have gotten sober – I even spilled some of my deepest darkest secrets as to WHY I am sober, and she was very cool.  No pressure to drink whatsoever.  She had one cocktail at dinner and that was it.   After dinner we walked along the beach and chatted.  I swear we could have talked all night.  During my heavy drinking period (say, college until a few years ago, so that’s about sixteen/seventeen years) I gave not two shits about maintaining true friendships.  It was always about who can I hang out with that will get fucked up with me.    It was way too much trouble to maintain friendshios with people if i had to go out of my way to HELP them.  Drinking has cost me SO much over the years.   I sincerely hope that rekindling this friendship is the start of a lifelong friendship with her and I.

Today will be a little tricky, we (myself, my mother, her boyfriend) are meeting up with my aunt and uncle (parents of the groom) as well as some of my cousins, and with the exceptiin of one cousin who has three young boys, they all LOVE to drink.  We plan to spend the day on the beach, and my aunt, who is a very discriminating chardonnay drinker, has already made several references to drinking wine with me.   I think my mother mentioned to her that I’m not drinking (they had dinner last night) but I know she will push me.  I’m just going to stay firm with my convictions that I don’t want to drink at all.   I even bought a couple of sugar free red bulls to have on the beach so I can feel like I’m indulging.

Sober is better.   Ran 3 miles this morning along the beach, and I feel great.  This is how life is supposed to be.


6 thoughts on “Sobercation

  1. Reconnecting with your old friend sounds great, and so does your morning run. Good luck today–you can do this! And you’ll still feel amazing at the end of the day after enjoying the beach without the booze! xo

  2. Vacations are tough for not drinking. You’re an inspiration! Keep running and feeling good!! I leave for a trip on Tuesday. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Lovely. Enjoy the beach and the red bull.

  4. Yes! This is how life is supposed to be. The longer I’m sober and hang out with drinkers, the more I just see how much of a waste of time and energy it is. My mom asked me if I felt better now that I’m sober, and honestly, I don’t physically feel that much different, except for never having to be hung over, of course. It’s more of a freedom–from need, and want, and angst about the drink. Who cares if there is booze around? THAT is so freeing, and how life is supposed to be! Have a great time…

  5. I’m so proud of you! Keep up the awesome work of loving yourself!

  6. Congrats Jessie! I am also doing the 100 day challenge but I am back on day 1. The good news is that I am drinking a lot less than I ever have, bad news is I keep thinking I can drink normally or have just 1, which I can’t. I need at least 4 glasses of wine. I seem to crack around day 10. Want to stay strong and make it to 100!

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